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Culinary Feature
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Culinary Feature is a continuous celebration of culinary creativity! Come, explore, and savor the joy of food with us – where every bite is a new adventure, and every dish tells a delicious story. 

Each month unveils a unique theme to tantalize your taste buds. From the veg-forward delights of "At the Root" to the global culinary expedition of "Global Food Trends" and the cherished "FLIK Favorites," our menu is a journey through diverse flavors that lasts all year long. See you at the table!

Seasonal Celebrations
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Our Seasonal Celebrations offer a diverse calendar of events each month that focuses on 4 key areas of excitement: Innovation, Value, Wellness, and Community. Check out some of our seasonal recipestrending topics in hospitality, spotlights on our team, and thought leadership for insight into our seasonal celebrations.

Boost Mobile Ordering
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Your new campus mobile ordering app has arrived! Use Boost mobile ordering to preorder meals from all of your favorite campus dining locations. 

Signing up is as easy as 1,2,3: 

1. Download by visiting the app store 

2. Sign up using your campus card 

3. Skip the line and enjoy your favorite meals on the go


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Look out for this month's Functional Food: Bean & Legumes in the café!


FLIK is committed to health and wellness initiatives that foster a healthy lifestyle. Each month we offer wellness solutions along with our FIT menu items to help educate and guide our customers to healthy choices in and out of the café. FLIK understands that smart choices play an integral role in supporting a healthy mind and body. For more information on the FLIK FIT criteria, click here! You will see these wellness indicators on some of our café 


The "Wellness FITS" initiative ensures that our guests receive the best and most healthful nourishment available. FLIK believes that actions and good food speak louder than words. We've made a commitment to educating our customers on how their food choices affect their bodies and what the nutritional facts are about the foods they choose in the café each and every day. 

Click HERE to check out the Wellness team's blog.