Community & Wellness
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If you haven't seen already, the registered dietitans created a  Wellness section on the FLIK Blog. Here you will find creative, seasonal recipes developed in our FLIK kitchens, alongside key nutritional facts and culinary tips and tricks that will benefit everyone from executive chefs to novice kitchen cooks.
Eat. Live. Do. Well.
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Monthly newsletter reporting the most recent research on balancing diet, nutrition, exercise, wellness and a healthy lifestyle. 

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Functional Foods
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A diet rich in whole foods including fruits, vegetables, dairy, and whole grains feed healthy bacteria in your gut fostering a healthy microbiome. 

Fermented foods such as kimchi, yogurt, and tempeh as well as polyphenols found in green tea, dark chocolate, and red wine promote gut health.

Prebiotics and probiotics work together to maintain healthy gut bacteria.  Prebiotics feed healthy bacteria while probiotics are new bacteria.  Think of probiotics as "laying new sod" and prebiotics as "fertilizing the lawn".

A healthy gut is important for overall health. Research shows healthy gut bacteria work to enhance immune function, improve digestion and absorption, and can even positively affect your mood.

Try some of our favorite recipes for this month's functional food!
Meet Keira
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Keira is a registered dietitian, with a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Cornell University.  She completed her dietetic internship at Cornell and University of Rochester Medical Center, and is now an active member of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.  Keira has been with FLIK since Summer 2016 and is here to promote health and wellness in your cafe.
Feel free to email Keira about getting FIT with FLIK by clicking here
Wellness Marketing
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FLIK is committed to health and wellness initiatives that foster a healthy lifestyle. Each month we offer wellness solutions along with our FIT menu items to help educate and guide our customers to healthy choices in and out of the café. FLIK understands that smart choices play an integral role in supporting a healthy mind and body. For more information on the FLIK FIT criteria, click here! You will see these wellness indicators on some of our café 
The “Wellness FITS” initiative ensures that our guests receive the best and most healthful nourishment available. FLIK believes that actions and good food speak louder than words. We’ve made a commitment to educate our customers on how their food choices affect their bodies and what the nutritional facts are about the foods they choose in the café each and every day. 

Click HERE to check out the Wellness team's blog.
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Check out this month's Wellness and Functions of Food recipes. Share your kitchen journey with us @FLIKHospitality.

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MyFitness Pal!
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Did you know if you scan the barcodes on our café signs using the free app  MyFitnessPal app, you are able to track your calories or see more nutrition information!