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The average adult needs 8-10 cups or 2 Liters of water daily to stay hydrated.  These needs will vary depending on activity level, age, and exposure to heat.  If you find it challenging to reach your fluid goal, do a water check at each meal to gauge your progress throughout the day.

Water is ideal for hydration, but it's not the only choice.  If you prefer some variety, beverages that are non-caffeinated and non-sugared can count towards your fluid needs and hydrate you.  Reach for an herbal iced tea, or seltzer water, or infuse your own water with frozen fruit & fresh herbs. Try these combinations: lemon & basil, watermelon & mint, pineapple & lime.

Did you know by the time that you feel thirsty, you are already a little dehydrated? Stay ahead of your body's fluid needs and keep your water handy, especially on hot summer days!
Foods with high water content: cucumber, melon varieties, celery, summer squash, lettuce, tomato, and many more fruits & veggies!

Try some of our favorite recipes for this month's functional food!