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Market Fare
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Market Fare is about bringing innovative food concepts to your workplace, that is inspired by trending food markets, street foods, and pop-ups. Market Fare is our answer to how we are revolutionizing modern-day eating at work. Come celebrate with us all month long.

Seasonal Celebrations
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Our Seasonal Celebrations offers a diverse and exciting calendar of events each month that focuses on 4 key areas, Innovation, Value, Wellness, and Community.  Seasonal superfoods, cultural celebrations and weather-driven specials fuel our ideas for offering you a world of fresh, simple, and innovative menu items. 

Check out some of our seasonal recipestrending topics in hospitality, spotlights on our team, and thought leadership!

National Food Holidays
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Join us each month in celebrating a National Food Holiday. For more national food holiday information, related recipes, and other fun trending foodie content, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Youtubeand Facebook.

Share your food stories with us using the hashtag #FoodByFLIK 

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FLIK is committed to health and wellness initiatives that foster a healthy lifestyle. Each month we offer wellness solutions along with our FIT menu items to help educate and guide our customers on healthy choices in and out of the cafe. Check out the FLIK FIT criteria here.
FLIK understands that smart choices play an integral role in supporting a healthy mind and body.
The “Wellness FITS” initiative ensures that our guests receive the best and most healthful nourishment available. FLIK believes that actions and good food speak louder than words. We’ve made a commitment to educating our customers on how their food choices affect their bodies, and what the nutritional facts are about the foods they choose in the café each and every day.
Check out the wellness portion of the FLIK blog HERE.

Eatify Vouchers
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​FLIK Eatify Vouchers are now available! Reward your employees or celebrate your friends today with an $8 or $10 Eatify Voucher for use on the Eatify App in the FLIK Café. Please reach out to Caragh DeGemmis at Caragh.degemmis@compass-usa.com or 585-545-5409 with inquiries.  We hope to see you soon.”