• We understand that planning an event, whether a small meeting or a large gathering, can be demanding and time consuming. Allow our experts to work with you in creating the program your business requires while keeping your budget in mind at all times. 

    Our creative catering services and culinary staff can provide an extensive array of high quality food and beverage options to meet your budget for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and receptions. We can accommodate groups of nearly any size, though there may be restrictions on supplying certain menu items for very large or very small groups.

    Choose from our regular catering menu, seasonal menu, or our reception menu for available options. Our staff can also create specialized menus for any occasion, although special orders may require additional surcharges.

    Contact our catering team at 703-903-3289 or email

    We are here to help, so please contact us when your business need requires catering.  

    The FLIK Catering Team at Freddie Mac